Atlanta snowstorm puts Mockingjay filming on hold

Filming of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay has been delayed due to extreme winter weather in Atlanta.

The cast and crew of Mockingjay have been shooting scenes for the two-part final installment of The Hunger Games trilogy in Atlanta since September 2013. This week however, an ice storm made it impossible to follow the planned shooting schedule.

A combination of freezing rain, snow and sleet hit Atlanta a few days ago. Authorities immediately spoke of extremely dangerous driving conditions in the area due to the weather. Furthermore, over 400,000 homes and local businesses were cut off from electricity.

Mockingjay actors about the storm

Rumors that the ice storm has not missed its impact on the production of Mockingjay increased after several posts from cast members mentioning the storm appeared on social media.
Willow Shields, the 13-year old actress who plays the part of Primrose Everdeen in all of the Hunger Games movies, uploaded a photo on Instagram, which shows her hiding from the storm in bed wearing a big woolen sweater. She spoke of “snow mornings” and even an “apocalypse” in the comment with the picture.

Meanwhile Wes Chatham, who plays Capitol cameraman turned rebel Castor in the final two Hunger Games movies, tweeted a picture of deserted, snow covered streets in Atlanta.

Wes Chatham tweeted a photo of deserted and snow covered streets in downtown Atlanta

Hopefully the winter weather delays will not have an effect on the release date of Mockingjay, which until now had been set for November 21st, 2014. But if the worst case scenario does come true and we have to wait longer for the two-part final installment of the trilogy, you can luckily still pass the time with a free Mockinjay audiobook. Online store has a unique promotion, which offers new members at the website a free audiobook of choice.

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