The Hunger Games: Catching Fire second trailer

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Catching Fire second trailer

Anticipation for the ‘The Hunger Games: Catching fire’ is growing. Recently, a second theatrical trailer was released, in which we can catch some interesting glimpses of what to expect in this second installment of the Hunger Games trilogy.

The trailer for Catching Fire, the sequel to the highly popular ‘The Hunger Games’, shows us that the events of the first movie were only the trigger for something much bigger.

Hope and rebellion

Returned from her victory in the arena, Katniss talks to her little sister Primrose, who tells Katniss that something has changed since the last games. When Katniss asks what, her sister answers: “hope”.

Epic music begins to blast, and we see that Primrose is right, as it is clear that the suppressed people of Panem are moving their rebellion out into the open.

Katniss in the meantime, is forced by president Snow to publicly keep up the appearance that she is in love with Peeta, as a way to gain the public’s favor.
But it seems that Snow has a secret agenda, as we see him saying to Plutarch Heavensbee (played by none less than Philip Seymour Hoffman) that “she has to be eliminated”.

The Quarter Quell

Next, the trailer takes a turn for the epic, with the introduction of the 75th Hunger Games. For this special edition ‘Quarter Quell’, all tributes will be selected from the former winners. Since she is the only ever female District 12 winner, it’s back into the arena for Katniss.

In the conclusion of the trailer, it becomes clear that the opposition in the games will be more fierce than ever. But since Katniss also shows some pretty slick moves with the bow, all does not seem lost.

Watch the entire trailer below:

Experience Catching Fire already

We sure are excited after seeing this second trailer, but The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is not going to hit theaters until November 20th, 2013.
Luckily, there already is an excellent way to experience part two of this epic trilogy. At, you can download the audiobook version of Catching Fire completely for free.

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